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Over the past 25 years, the International Workshops on 'Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism' (OIPE) have gained a worldwide reputation. We are glad to announce that the 2014 edition of the OIPE workshop series will be held in the historical city of Delft, The Netherlands.

The aim of this workshop is to inform and to exchange ideas on recent developments in optimization and inverse problems in computational electromagnetic fields. Emphasis lies on design and optimization of electromagnetic devices such as machines, transformers, actuators and measurement equipment used in various applications. The workshop offers a forum for engineers, mathematicians and physicists to meet and to discuss theoretical aspects, methodologies and industrial research activities in electromagnetism. 

The OIPE series was established in 1989 (Pavia, Italy) on the basis of the strategic importance of optimization and inverse problems in electromagnetic research. Among the guidelines of the OIPE philosophy a prominent role is given to the interdisciplinary. Researchers working in optimization and inverse problems in electromagnetism need quite complex and innovative mathematical tools. Therefore, the people who first established the OIPE workshops aimed for a deep, stable and interdisciplinary cooperation with other scientific communities. This initiative was continued and further developed through a series of biennial events held in Warsaw, Poland (1992), Geneva, Switzerland (1994), in Brno, Czech Republic (1996), in Jyvaskyla, Finland (1998), in Torino, Italy (2000), in Lodz, Poland (2002), Grenoble, France (2004), in Sorrento, Italy (2006), in Ilmenau, Germany (2008), in Sofia, Bulgaria (2010) and in Ghent, Belgium (2012).


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